Special Session on File and Storage Technologies
  • Archival storage systems
  • Auditing and provenance
  • Caching, replication, and consistency
  • Cloud storage
  • Data deduplication
  • Database storage
  • Distributed storage (wide-area, grid, peer-to-peer)
  • Empirical evaluation of storage systems
  • Experience with deployed systems
  • File system design
  • Key-value and NoSQL storage
  • Memory-only storage systems
  • Mobile, personal, and home storage
  • Parallel I/O and storage systems
  • Power-aware storage architectures
  • RAID and erasure coding
  • Reliability, availability, and disaster tolerance
  • Search and data retrieval
  • Solid state storage technologies and uses (e.g., flash, PCM)
  • Storage management
  • Storage networking
  • Storage performance and QoS
  • Storage security
  • The challenges of big data and data sciences
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