Special Session on artificial intelligence and the World Wide Web
  • AI for multimedia and multimodal Web applications
  • Crowdsourcing techniques and methodologies
  • Human-computer interaction over the Web
    • AI for Web-based collaboration and cooperation
    • Intelligent user interfaces for Web systems
  • Human Language Technologies and the Web
    • Knowledge acquisition from the Web
    • Machine translation using Web resources
    • Question answering on the Web
    • Web-based opinion extraction and trend spotting
    • Web-text summarization
  • Intelligent Techniques for privacy and security over the Web
  • Machine Learning and the Web
    • Recognizing Web spam such as link farms and splogs
    • Mining user-generated data on the Web
    • Web-based recommendation systems
    • Web personalization and user modeling
  • Provenance and trustworthiness of information on the Web
  • Semantic Web
    • AI for Web services: semantic descriptions, planning, matching, and coordination
    • Exploiting linked data and open data
    • Languages, tools, and methodologies for representing, managing, and visualizing semantic Web data
    • Ontologies and the Web: creation, extraction, evolution, mapping, merging, and alignment; tags and folksonomies
    • Searching, querying, visualizing, and interpreting the semantic Web
  • Social search and mining
    • Social network analysis, theories, models, and applications
    • Social media analysis: blogs and friendship networks
    • Influence spreading and viral marketing in social networks
    • Social reputation, influence, and trust
    • Community detection
    • User profiling and user activity modeling
    • Searching social media and collaboratively generated content
  • Web search and information retrieval over the Web
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