Special Session on intelligent interfaces processing of multi-modal input
  • Natural language and speech processing
  • Intelligent visualization tools
  • Generation of multimodal content
  • Big Data/Text summarization and analytics
  • Intelligent interfaces for ubiquitous computing
  • Smart environments and tangible computing
  • Smart interaction and interfaces for wearable computing
  • Intelligent assistants for complex tasks
  • Support for collaboration in multiuser environments
  • Persuasive and assistive technologies in IUI
  • Affective, social and aesthetic interfaces
  • Education and learning-related technologies
  • User-Adaptive interaction
  • Recommender systems
  • Modelling and prediction of user behaviour
  • Interactive Machine Learning
  • Planning and plan recognition for IUI
  • Knowledge-based approaches to user interface design and generation
  • Proactive and agent-based paradigms for user interaction
  • Example-and demonstration-based interfaces
  • Evaluations of intelligent user interfaces
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