• Agent-based software development

  • Architecture, design and frameworks

  • Aspect-oriented software development

  • Compiler Design

  • Component-based software engineering

  • Computer System and Modeling

  • Dependable Systems Design

  • Experimental software engineering

  • Generative or transformation-based development

  • Knowledge-based software engineering

  • Methods of software analysis and design

  • Model Driven Software Engineering

  • Modelling and enactment of software processes, rigorous and agile

  • Open Source Software

  • Operating System

  • Parallel and Distributed Computing

  • Programming Languages

  • Project Management and Web Software Engineering

  • Requirements engineering

  • Social and ethical aspects of software engineering

  • Software Architectures

  • Software Dependability Evaluation

  • Software Design Patterns

  • Software Development Tools

  • Software Economic

  • Software engineering ontologies

  • Software engineering supported by multi and hypermedia

Special Sessions
  • Software metrics

  • Software Modularity and Reuse

  • Software project management

  • Software Quality Assurance

  • Software Reliability

  • Software Reuse

  • Software Reverse Engineering

  • Software safety, security, privacy and risks

  • Software Testing and Tools

  • Software Verification and Validation Techniques

  • System Software

  • Testing Methods for Web Applications

  • Theoretical foundations of software engineering

  • Tools and software engineering environments

  • User Interface Issues for Web Applications

  • VLSI and Embedded Systems

  • Web Application Configuration

  • Web Application Effort Estimation

  • Web Application Programming

  • Web Application Requirements

  • Web Software Development Methodologies

Papers from other topics relevant to Session on Systems, Web & Software Engineering are also welcome.

Submission of papers shall be through conference website.

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