NLP is concerned with the interactions between computers and human (natural) languages with automatic translation to enable people to interact easily with others around the world. This session aims at two challenges in NLP which involve natural language understanding & natural language generation.

  • Automatic Text Summarization

  • Syntax and Parsing

  • Dialog and Speech Processing

  • Frameworks for Morphological Processing

  • General Semantics and Event Semantics

  • Human-Computer Conversation Systems

  • Information Extraction and Retrieval, Machine Translation

  • Multilingual NLP

  • Morph Analyzer

  • Multimodal Representations and Processing

  • Natural Language Interface for Database

  • Natural Language Understanding and Generation

  • Real-Time System Translation

Papers from other topics relevant to Session on Natural Language Processing (NLP) are also welcome.

Submission of papers shall be through conference website.

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