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The conference program includes Tutorials, which will be conducted by leading experts in the field. Details will get updated in the conference website and available in subsequent mailings. As of now we have the following Tutorials confirmed:

Tutorial 1: Safety Critical Systems - Finding Failures using Formal Methods

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Tutorial 1

Safety Critical Systems - Finding Failures using Formal Methods

Tutorial Speaker

Dr Yogananda Jeppu
Honeywell Technology Solutions


This workshop looks at the failures in flight control systems. It uses examples from actual projects in Indian flight control programs. It provides a hands on tutorial on how these could be modelled using NuSMV a formal methods model checking tool. The tutorial would be for half a day and cover the following topics

1.Failures in safety critical system. Why did these system and software fail? An analysis of algorithm. (30 mins)
2.NuSMV - Exploring NuSMV (60 mins)
3. Modelling simple systems in NuSMV (30 min)
4. Writing good requirements - An EARS approach (30 min)
5.A tank problem - a step by step walkthrough of the systems, its EARS requirements, a model and a NuSMV code. How can we prove the correctness (90 min)
6. Mutation testing - Random testing and assertions can save the day also. (30 min)

Participants can bring their laptops and work on the examples in a hands on manner and take away the programs shared during the workshop after analyzing them. At least 200 slides of material on this subject will be shared during the workshop. All material is under creative commons copyright.


Dr. Yogananda Jeppu is a BE in Electronics and Communication, from Mangalore University, a Post Graduate in Missile Guidance and Controls from Pune University. He has a PhD in Certification of Safety Critical Control Systems using Model Based Techniques. He has been working in the field of Control System Design and Implementation, Simulation of Aerospace Systems, Verification and Validation for aircrafts and missiles for the past 30 years. He has several publications on Formal Methods, Randomized Testing, Orthogonal Array Testing and Missile Guidance and Control. He is a recipient of many awards notable are the Commendation Certificate for "Significant Contributions made to the Integrated Guided Missiles Programme", and the "National Aerospace Laboratories Technology Shield for Outstanding Achievement in LCA Control Law Design, Certification and Successful Flight Tests". He has a mention in the Limca book of Records for his hobby - philately.

He started his career in 1987, working on Missiles and Indian LCA programme with Defense R&D Organization. He is currently working in Honeywell Technology Solutions as a Staff Engineer.

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